12.06.08 The Computer Geek opens
I'm ready to become that Computer Geek Next Door you look to for all your computer questions and issues.

02.10.11 We finally have a web site
OK, maybe a bit late, but it's here. I'll make sure it's updated with the latest information, tips, and scary warnings. Check back often.

J. Mark Barfield

The Geek. Check here for the latest news and tips.

You know that guy... the one who used to live down the street who answered all your techie questions or could fix just about everything to do with your computer?
Now you can have 'im again. I have the experience and skills to offer a wide range of services to assist you with the challenge of getting the darn thing to work the way you want it to.

I want to be your computer go-to guy! Serving all of West Volusia and North Seminole to provide on-site assistance with the following and lots more::

New System Setup

Network Installations

Malware Removal / Repair

Hardware Repairs

System Repairs

Website Maintenance

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